Lowcountry Historic Live Oaks

The Live Oak Tree is our Iconic Tree of the Lowcountry  

Latin name: Quercus Virginiana. 

At The Tree Expert  Company we are dedicated to the preservation of these magnificent trees. Picture above of a Grand Live Oak tree on Johns Island SC.

*Interesting Facts.

Oak Trees appeared on our Planet about 65 Million Years ago!

There are over 600 species of Oak Trees!

 A single Oak Tree can produce up to 10 Million Acorns in its Lifetime!

Each acorn contains only one seed in a tough Shell!

Only 1 in 10,000 acorns grow to be an Oak Tree!

Because of it's curved limbs the Live Oak was commonly used for Shipbuilding for the keel of boats. 

*check Wikipedia link below for more info.

Oak Tree Population is Decreasing!

Clear cutting practices for urban development in the USA

as well as Clear cutting in Mexico and Central America for grazing land for cattle and coffee plantations Remove Oak Trees and produce Materials for Construction and the production of Coal!

There are Currently over 78 Species of Oak Trees in Danger of Extinction!

THE TREE EXPERT llc is Dedicated to the preservation of this Magnificent Species.

Links about Our Southern Live Oaks and Tree Communication

Southern Live Oak Quercus Virginiana

Angel Oak Tree Johns Island SC The Oldest Live Oak East of the Mississippi!